Starting Gourami Farming

Starting Gourami Farming


Gourami fish farming must be carried out effectively so that it can produce profits and abundant harvests. To find out the stages of gourami farming, you need to apply it by paying attention to various factors.


Gouramis need quality feed during the culture period. To meet the nutrition needed by gourami, farmers are advised to provide pellets that contain lots of animal protein and vegetable protein. Protein will make gourami grow quickly, so farmers should choose pellets that contain 25-30% protein.


The recommended type of pellet is floating pellet. Floating pellets will make it easier for the gourami to eat them. Floating pellets should be given 2 times per day in the morning and evening.


Apart from pellets, it is also recommended to give boiled corn as additional food for fish. Boiled corn is considered capable of accelerating the maturity of gourami gonads. The recommended amount of boiled corn is 3-5% of the fish's body weight.


Choosing a location for cultivating gourami fish must be done correctly. This is because the location chosen could be wrong and cause failure in the culture business. Location selection must be done in accordance with the natural habitat of the fish to be kept so that their growth is rapid and the death rate can be reduced. Locations that are not recommended for culturing gourami include highlands and places where sunlight and the environment do not support it.


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