Thu, 15 Dec 2022

Shrimp Farmers Must (Made) Profit

Hatchery producers must make good quality shrimp fry, even though the costs are high so that profits are diminishing, but it still has to be implemented. Likewise producers of other production facilities such as probiotics.

Sales Manager I & V Bio Indonesia - Waiso stated, because if the fry produced by the farmers have a good harvest, they will buy the fry again. And seed producers will also benefit a lot from the production volume of fry because demand continues to rise. Likewise producers of other shrimp production facilities, such as feed and pond equipment.

“We must not be selfish in our own sector (segment). If we help farmers succeed, then we will be assisted (order) again,” said the Secretary General of the Shrimp Hatchery Association (APU) at a workshop on the Application of Probiotics in Shrimp Growth and Health as a series of Aquafest events at the Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium IPB University some time ago .

W a i s o e x p l a i n e d t h a t currently commercial shrimp  genetics is directed to meet several criteria for seed “products”, including fast growth, balance,
specific resistance, and extreme. “But actually in Indonesia there are 2 genetic types of fry, namely fast growth and high survival / high tolerance. Farmers can choose which one is right for their pond conditions,” he said.

More technically, Waiso stated that the fry’s body resistance would only be good if the algae as their first food ater hatching were of good quality and suficient. “If the algae is good, then the fry are good. If the algae is bad, then the fry are bad. If the fry are bad, it will be dificult to raise them in the enlargement ponds. So if you deepen your knowledge of algae as a natural food, fisheries students will be successful,” he stressed.

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