Wed, 15 Dec 2021

From Catfish ‘Waste’ to Rupiah

Waste treatment is one thing that is sometimes rarely considered in fish farming. Where in general, the waste from aquaculture in the form of pond water and sedimentation of mud is dumped into ditches or rivers. The impact, more or less will be seen in the future where environmental pollution occurs, and also various diseases can arise due to various biological elements and chemical substances settling for too long.
Haji Usman, a catfish farmer in the enlargement segment in Depok, West Java (West Java), admitted that he had a lot of waste from his catfish farming business. The form is in the form of water used for cultivation, and sedimentation of mud mixed with fish waste. However, in the hands of this one man, who is a retired State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), catfish culture waste can be processed and utilized, it can even be worth rupiah.
"Since the beginning of building this business, it has been taken into account that in a concept and layout of aquaculture ponds there must be a Waste Water Treatment Plant (IPAL), the goal is not to pollute the environment," said Usman that afternoon when interviewed by TROBOS Aqua at his business location.
However, he said, until now, it has only been a few months since the waste from farms can really be put to good use. In the past, sewage treatment was only made to settle dirt that had a heavier mass, after that the water used for culture was channelled into rivers/troughs.
The problem is, the sedimentation in the WWTP in the form of solid mud which cannot be discharged into public waters is getting thicker. So it must be lifted and disposed of in another place within a certain period of time.

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