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Management of Vanamei Farming Site

Management of Vanamei Farming Site


Shrimp farming has become a valuable industry and has been regulated in various business licensing regulations. So, according to Prof. Sukenda – Professor of IPB University, the legality and permits for the location of the pond should be as clean and clear as possible before running a pond business.
This has become a demand, although it still often encounters obstacles, but it still has to be managed thoroughly to ensure the certainty of business continuity and sustainability. "Consultation with an integrated service unit in each region, or the local fishery sector," he suggested.
He mentioned that the business and operational permits for the ponds include Land Designation and Use Permits (IPPT), Business Identification Numbers (NIB), Company Registration Certificates (TDP), Fisheries Business Permits (SIUP), Building Construction Permits (IMB), Mandatory Reporting Workers. Work, Hazardous Waste Collection Permit, Liquid Waste Disposal Permit (IPLC), Power Plant Operation Permit / Electricity Generator Ownership Report, and Fuel Oil Storage Permit (BBM). "We heard the news, the ministry (KKP -ed) is trying to simplify the licensing for shrimp farming. We'll just have to wait, hopefully it will work," he said in a webinar regarding the Standard Operation Procedure for cultivation recently.
In the same vein, Hardi Pitoyo, – Daily Chairperson of Shrimp Club Indonesia (SCI) stated that the design and layout of the pond will be asked/asked for as supporting documents for the IMB application. The document must contain the layout of all functional buildings in the pond area, including irrigation systems, pond pond plots, offices, warehouses, machine rooms, mess/residential premises and others.
Sukenda revealed that the generic factors that must be considered in choosing the location of vannamei ponds include aspects of ecology, biology, socio-economics, and spatial status of the area along with the legality of the land. All must be considered during the pra survey and survey.

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