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Varied Processed Fish Products from Situbondo

Varied Processed Fish Products from Situbondo


Business diversification, particularly in fish products, considered as an obligatory action. That was a business concept from Juhari, fish small-processor from Situbondo-East Java. Not only sharpening the creativities and innovations, but Juhari argued that diversifying products also could be conquering customers’s boredom of same-pattern products.  
“You can say we sell shredded fish products, in a long term, if we have no other ideas to sell products in different froms, the consumers can be bored. Therefore, we need an innovation. We must make a new product so that the customers can be entertained. Beside that, we can attract other new customers,” told him. 
Crackers of kapasan –kind of fish caught by marine fishers- was one of his prime processed products. The other products he sold for example, catfish crackers, tofu crackers, fish crackers, clam crackers, and squid crackers.
Public could knew the products, Juhari said, was not coming from an instant act. He later said that he had already learn so much from his former business, which was related to sea-based processed products. It was shellfish handicraf business. “I began the shellfish handicraf business since 2001,” added him. The products had already famous in export markets, such as in Europe and United States. 
Later in 2008, by observing the market he considered that handicraft exports had been undergoing a signifiant degression. Therefore he attempted to try another business by still utilizing sea-based processed products.  

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