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Healthy Farms Reduce WFD

Healthy Farms Reduce WFD

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Disease outbreaks which infected shrimps seemed endless. This main problem for all farmers emerged in various countries which produced shrimps. Some of the diseases had only appeared in some countries, others appeared in almost all countries. In China for example, there had been shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV) outbreak recently which really disrupting its shrimp production. Even China must import shrimps to fill its domestic needs.
There were variousaquaculture modification had been applied by those countries to keep their production safe. Half of them succeeded, another still needed a lot of improvements.
WFD (White Feces Disease) later became main focus for Aquatics Animal Helath Care Products Specialist and Solutions Provider Charoen Pokphand Group, Prakan Chiarahkhongman in a Shrimp Symposium 2019 occasion near Jakarta recently. WFD, said him, had been a disease that disrupted farmers from different countries, moreover in Indonesia. Beside other disease that had firstly infected like white spot and myo. To the farmers in Indonesia, Prakan told how the WFD phenomenon happened and the anticipation in other shrimp producer countries.
Prakan explained a lot about the newest shrimp culture condition outside Indonesia, nevertheless he hoped that the farmers could derive more knowledge about it. He later explained about WFD in other countries. According to him, WFD actually wasn’t suitable to be called as a disease. It was more like a clinical sympton of a disease that could happen as of different causes. “The term WFD is wrong. The right term is white feces syndrome,” said him.

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