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Syncronitation of Local Seaweed

Syncronitation of Local Seaweed

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Seaweed is one of prime export commodities of Indonesia. The government and association, such as ARLI, were working hard to promote local seaweed globally. Regarding to that matter, what about the preparation to face the global market? Are we ready yet?
Chairman of ARLI, Safari Azis described about the local seaweed and the stakeholders behind it. He thought that there has still not been a synergy between them. He pointed the lack of synergy could be seen clearly and also, there  still not been the same perception about ‘what seaweed is’.
As an example, he told, there has still been found a lack of synergy between the government’s programs and the private sectors. There was an example of distribution of quality seeds assistance which was claimed could be harvested in 30 days. “The purpose of the assistance was good, which is giving it to the seaweed farmers who in needs to develop their businesses. However, if we look closer by a deeper assessment, are the quality seeds have already been recognized globally? After that, how about the market of the harvested products from the seeds?” he asked.
He later explained, by direct experience, association would always be asked and requested the assistance if the harvested products of quality seeds were difficult to sell. “Later on, we sometimes will get warning if there is something bad happens. But in any times, we are not being involved when government making new regulations. As a result, when we (seaweed businessman) want to produce and export the seaweed, we have to face those new regulations that we aren’t familiar with yet,” revealed him. 
The effects, stated Azis, could detain seaweed businesses. “So that we directly contacted Ministry of Marine and Fisheries and making coordination about the new regulations. If needed, the association members could get the training and socialization. We (ARLI) are ready to hold a training to fulfill the standard giving by the government,” explained him.

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